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osteopathic techniques
(Cranio-sacral therapy)

The determination of a dysfunction (disorder) requires long and intensive training of the tactile ability. The osteomotion treatment takes place with developed manual osteopathic techniques according to SICO.

The aim is to enable the treated person to bring the affected structure into balance by improving the mobility.

Fascia and trigger band work
Anatomy Trains
Fascia are connecting elements in every structure in the body. For chronic complaints of the musculoskeletal system.
Classic massage

Massage Whole body or individual partial body massage. Relieves tension and relieves pain in the muscles and connective tissue. Regenerates and vitalises the whole body.

Honey massage

The honey massage is a special connective tissue massage. It relieves tension, blood circulation, detoxifies, cleanses and cares for the body in a natural way. It unfolds its excellent effect from the skin deep into the tissue.

Let yourself be convinced!

Bamboo massage

The bamboo massage is an impressive, deeply relaxing massage with bamboo sticks that combines the natural energy of bamboo with a particularly deep relaxation experience. This extraordinary and very effective massage has its origins in the tropical and Asian regions. There bamboo is a symbol of grace and strength and symbolizes life energy, prosperity, eternal youth, longevity and peace.


This is based on the knowledge that the organs and their state of mind are reflected in the reflex zones of the feet. It is also called order therapy because it has a balancing effect on various organ systems, such as digestion, urinary tract, nerves, lymphatic system, etc. In this therapy, it is assumed that irritation in the body can be treated through reflex zones on the feet.
Cupping and cupping massage
Relieves tension, promotes blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, releases fascial tension and much more.
Problem solving through your subconscious.
With hypnosis you increase your quality of life.
Develop yourself further and surpass yourself !!!!
Pain therapy according to Liebscher-Bracht.
Osteopressure - manual therapy technique - to normalize muscular-fascial tension.

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